Getting a Towed Car Back

Having a car be towed is a pretty stressful affair, especially if you don’t know why it was towed or how to get it back. However, there are a few simple tips that can increase the chances of you getting your car back safely and without too much fuss.

First, understand the reasons why car towing oklahoma city happens. It’s normally because they are parked illegality, have parked in an area over a specified amount of time, or are blocking something important and are an obstruction. So, if you are parking in an area that says leave by 5 pm, then take the initiative and set your watch for 4:45 or put an alarm on your phone to ensure that you’ll be back in time.

Take care to park your car in a designated parking area only, and always have a copy of the paperwork and your registration on your person to make the process of getting your car out of the impound lot even easier.

Depending on where your car was when it was towed, it could either be in the town impound lot or could be with a private towing company. Keep your location in mind whenever you get your car towed, and either find the establishment or call 411 and ask for the local police to connect you to the towing company.

It’s important that no matter what you find the car as soon as you can, as many unclaimed cars are put up for auction and the driver is responsible for the fees with regards to storage. Those fees often grow daily and are expensive to pay off.

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Contact the local police and the towing company, present your information and keep calm, once everything is squared away then you can get your car back. Chances are you’ll never let it be towed again!