Are the Motor Mounts in your Vehicle Gone Bad?

The motor mounts are small parts that hold and stabilize the engine inside of a vehicle. The mounts are small but they have a big job to perform and when they go bad, you have serious trouble on your hands. There are many signs that suggest there is a problem with the mounts that you shouldn’t ignore. You might be able to find the mounts if you look for used auto parts for sale bay shore ny. Signs that suggest that something is wrong with the motor mounts include:

Vibrating Engine

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Excess engine vibration is one of the most common signs that the motor mounts have gone bad or worse, that they have come off of the engine. When the engine vibrates it is a sign that the engine is not secure underneath the hood. Most of the time the vibration is felt on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Misaligned Motor

A misaligned motor is yet another sign that the mounts are bad. You can easily determine if the motor is misaligned by raising the hood and taking a look at the position. If it is out of place, you need to call a mechanic as soon as possible.


Excessive engine noise could be another sign that you have issues with the motor mounts that you need to address. The excess noise is a clunking or knocking sound and is always a sign that something is wrong. Do not ignore the noise hoping that it will go away.

Engine Trouble

If a motor mount manages to break off, it can cause the engine to shift from side to side. This shifting allows the engine to move freely, which is a big safety hazard when driving the car at high rates of speed since this may result in parts and components flying off of the vehicle! How scary is that?